Are You In Charge Of Planning Your Parent's Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary? 3 Party Tent Decorating Tips That Stand Out

Hitting a fiftieth wedding anniversary is a huge accomplishment. Not only has their relationship stood the test of time, but they have both worked hard to stick to their commitment. Now, you have the chance to show them just how much everyone admires their relationship. Once you have arranged for party tent rental services, you can use these decorating tips to go all out for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Bring in the Nature

Party tent rentals are typically used for outdoor events where you want to avoid having guests be subjected to harsh sunlight or rain. However, you also don't want to ruin that beautiful natural outdoor atmosphere. Open-sided tents are an option that can allow everyone to gaze upon the surrounding environment. However, you can also bring nature into the tent. Consider using potted trees and plants from the area as part of the in-tent decor. It creates a seamless transition as guests enter, and everyone will notice the attention you put towards the details.

Soften the Lighting

The right lighting helps to set the stage for a night full of fun that also honors the beauty of true love. You also want to make sure that all of the guests can easily see in the tent, especially if they are older. You have several options for lighting that you can choose from to create a specific ambiance. For instance, a chandelier can provide tons of light while adding a touch of elegance. Alternatively, individual hanging glass bulbs generate a sense or romance, and string lights are always whimsical and fun. You can also mix and match a few lighting options to really make a statement.

Make It Personal

One of the best things about renting a party tent is that they are like a blank canvas. Therefore, you can add a few personal decorations that make the party more meaningful. Make copies of photos from your parent's past, and scatter them on the tables to serve as conversation starters. Alternatively, you could decorate the inside of the tent with a tropical theme to highlight where your parents went for their honeymoon. As you plan your decorations, think about your parent's favorite colors, interests and overall dreams. Working them in makes the inside of the party rental feel like a true celebration of their life together.

Planning a party to celebrate your parents' wedding anniversary is fun, but it is also a big responsibility. Be sure to relax and enjoy the process. Making memories is what the moment is all about.

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