Want To Throw A Great College Campus Event? What To Do

If your college campus is growing and you want to find things that you can do to help improve student life, and to get the students interacting with each other, there are some things that you can look into. Finding an event coordinator to help with the details can make the planning a lot easier, and you can reduce the margin for errors when planning these events. Here are some of the things that you want to take into consideration.

Campus Wide Scavenger Hunt

A campus wide scavenger hunt isn't just a way to get the students to interact together and work together in groups, but it's also a way to get them in different areas around campus, and to teach them some history about their college. You can put them in situations where they need to find locations and objects, get things from people, and have them race against each other and the clock to get the scavenger hunt completed.

Themed Dance with Charitable Contribution

If you can get a band or disc jockey to donate their time to do a dance, and have the entrance expense be a donated item for a charity of your choice, you can get the campus together and do some good at the same time. Talk with the event coordinators in the area about these things:

  • Charities and their needs
  • Themes
  • Themed food, drinks and photo booth
  • Security

The event coordinator should be able to put together the event so you don't have to worry about a thing, and the students can bring canned food, clothing, diapers, or whatever is requested by the charity you choose.

Test of All Talents

Let the students create groups and then go through weekly tests of talents, adding up the scores at the end of the events and naming a winner. One week could be an athletic skills competition, the next week a math challenge, and the following a history quiz bowl. Add in silly things like cake decorating or cleaning a messed up space, and find something that all kids on campus could be good at.

You can throw an event that ends up becoming a tradition in the process, and you can include ways to improve the community or to help people in need when you put the event together. Talk with professional event planners to find out what the cost will be, what options are the most successful, and what will be the best for your campus. 

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