How To Improve Workplace Dysfunction With Team Building Activities

A good work culture is essential for building stronger relationships and retaining employees. Unfortunately, it is hard to create this environment when employees refuse to be team players. Some workplaces have problems with employees getting in disagreements, employees not doing their share of work, and employees backstabbing other employees. If you want to create a good work culture, then you need to establish trust within the group. Read on to find out how to improve workplace dysfunction with team building activities:

Show Employees The Effective Way To Communicate

Team building activities do not have to be done on a large scale. Effective communication is important in the workplace. It is easy to have a misunderstanding when you do not know how to talk to someone. If you have employees who have problems with communicating, then you should have them participate in an activity to improve communication skills.

How It Works

This activity consists of writing a series of statements on paper and giving everyone participating a copy. These statements should be related to your work environment. You should have everyone write down what the phrases mean to them, and have your employees read your response aloud. Some people interpret things differently than others. You should take note of the difference in responses to your statement and discuss the different responses with your employees. You must ask your employees to remove ambiguity from their conversations and expectations.

This activity shows how what someone says can be taken out of context. It is important to not overreact and to get clarity. Phrases that are clear to you are not always clear to everyone. The workplace tends to thrive when communication is direct, clear, concise, and understood by everyone.

Get Rid Of Cynicism

Many employees are reluctant to speak up because they think their ideas will be ignored or ridiculed. You can eliminate this concern with a fun brainstorming activity. This activity encourages people to be open-minded and positive.

It involves eliminating negative statements in the workplace. You would have your employees to write down the statements. Examples of negative statements that you do not want to use in the workplace are "I can't" and "This is impossible". Next, you would choose a code word to use when someone says the statement. The purpose is to allow everyone to participate and give ideas without being judged.

Small team building exercises should be done when you have a certain group causing conflict. They can help with building collaboration and cooperation.

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