Tips For Throwing An Amazing Summer Birthday Party On A Tight Budget & With Little Time To Plan

If you would love to throw an amazing summer birthday party for a friend or loved one who is reaching a milestone age or any age, then you may feel like it will be tough to throw one while sticking to a tight budget and without a ton of spare time to plan the party. First, remember that parties are always appreciated, no matter how much the host invested in it. However, you don't have to let your budget or lack of party-planning time keep you from throwing a very memorable summer birthday party when you keep the following three tips in mind. 

1. Recruit a Couple of the Birthday Girl or Boy's Fellow Friends to Help You Pay and Plan

One of the first steps to planning a party is creating a guest list that include's the birthday girl or boy's closest friends and family members. Once you have that list created, don't be afraid to reach out for help from a few of the guests you plan to invite. Choose two or three guests who you feel are closest to the party recipient and send them polite emails asking them if they can spare some time or kick in a little cash to help you plan and/or pay for the party. 

You may be surprised to find out that those few guests who you were hesitant to ask for help actually love planning parties and are happy to pitch in a little cash to help make your mutual friend's big day super special. 

2. Keep the Weather in Mind When Choosing a Party Venue

Choosing the right venue for a summer party can be a tough decision. While choosing an outdoor space, like a park, can sound like a great idea when the weather is so nice any time spent outside is appreciated, unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable and that nice day outside could turn into a time spent getting soaked by rain or sweating in intense heat. 

Unless you are absolutely sure that the weather will be great on the day of the party, make sure any outdoor venue you choose has plenty of overhead protection, like in the form of tents, in case rain hits or the day is super hot (the tents can shield guests from the UV rays and some of the heat). 

Another great option is an indoor party venue with air-conditioning that you know will keep all guests comfortable no matter what the weather has in store. This is the best option if you have any guests who are senior citizens, because seniors are more prone to developing heat exhaustion in high temperatures. 

3. Consider an All-Inclusive Party Venue to Save Time and Money

If you end up throwing the party on your own after all or the other guests are happy to pitch in a little cash to help fund the party, but are also strapped for party-planning time, then choosing an all-inclusive party venue can make the entire party-planning process easier on everyone. All inclusive party venues offer not just the space for the party, but also catering packages, tables and chairs (these often come with other venues, but not always), and even entertainment packages. 

Booking the party at an all-inclusive venue means that you only have to make one phone call to book the venue and discuss your party options, such as food options. Not only does this option save you a lot of time, but when one company is providing everything your party needs, you can also save cash with a "package deal." 

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